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Personal Introduction

Thank you for your interest and for visiting my website!

My name is Iris Dapper. I started my career as a Doctor’s Assistant and dedicated myself to expand my knowledge and skills continually.

It was through the conclusion of a State-Certified Medical Representative to the exercise of my profession as an International Project Manager (the field of Medical / Health), Trainer for Intercultural Competence and Trainer-of-Trainers incl. exam according to ordinance on aptitude of instructors (AEVO) .

Especially the intercultural skills I acquired through my life in the Gulf States (more than 10 years in Kuwait and Dubai) where I

- coordinated medical projects in the field of Physiotherapy

- established and managed training programs for nurses (of various centers for people with special needs) and professionals (e.g. in hospitals).

Especially in the Arab world the highest demands are made, such as:

- Conversation and business partners have to be cared for with the utmost respect

- Related events (e.g. a conference), which are usually under the auspices of a Member of the Ruling Family or a Ministry, have to be arranged according to the Royal Protocol

- Manners have their own rules - and the smallest mistake can result in the loss of a business partner, etc.

As long as better is possible, good is not enough (Dettmar Cramer)

My experiences led to my present attitude – to set up projects or contracts with "something extra”; not only to achieve goals but to exceed them. So my name stands for:

D = Distinguished - developing a unique sense of professionalism about the image, actions and communication

A = Adaptability – to be able to adjust quickly to unexpected circumstances, enables to lead a team to adapt as well. Adaptability also means to think creatively and find new solutions to old problems

P = Personal strengths to be contributed - whether creativity, flexibility, methodical approach or outstanding organizational skills. They all ensure that results can be better than expected and give the service areas a "face" that sets them apart from others.

P = Passion - stimulate and energize people and make work enjoyable for myself and my team. When this happens things will get done and work will seem fun.

E = Ethical behavior - treat people how I like to be treated; to respect myself and take others' feelings into consideration

R = Responsible - taking responsibility for performance. When things are going well - to praise efforts publicly (especially for the team). When things require attention or blocking issues arise - to find ways to fix things quickly and get things back on track.

More facts about my area of expertise:

International Experience: Kuwait and Dubai from 2002 to 2012

Personal strength:

- Strong organizing ability

- Flexible and result oriented

- Innovative, visionary thinking

- Intercultural sensibility

Social aptitudes:

- Intercultural Competence

- Leadership of multi-national teams at all levels

- Interpersonal skills

- Capacity for teamwork

- Integrity

- Loyalty

- Innovation readiness

- Ability for constructive criticism

- Attitude towards others

Leadership and Performance Characteristics:

- Reliability and commitment

- Independence

- Interest in progress & enhancements

- Decision behaviour

- Rejoice in capability to be innovative

- Capacity to negotiate & negotiating skills

- Motivation strength to  encourage staff

My approach:

- Target and process oriented

- Future-oriented thinking and acting

Teams & Networks:

Different situations require different solutions!

In order to reach the highest level of success and to meet the expectations of our valued Project Owners, an international network of high-level specialists from various business fields was established over the years.

”I can’t know everything – but I know the person who knows”

Depending on the requirements, I can grasp back on leading specialists for the various fields such as:

– High professional Medical Specialists accompanying the construction of a new hospital or center but also     being involved in complete Education/Further Education and Training Systems

– Security Companies (Event Security; Close Protection / Bodyguards male / female)

– Specialists in EU fundraising to establish projects supported by the European Union

– Training and Further Education Institutions                                                  

- etc. 


Additional Qualifications