More than a project ...

Reaching that extra mile more

Project Management (National / International)

In order to establish and carry out projects successfully, it needs "that extra mile more". 

This also means not to have expertise and competence only but also an attitude and personality that allows one to look outside the box and to make the project or event an "unforgettable memory”.

The way how to deal with business partners and teams are as important as the following areas of responsibilities:

- Interface Management: establishment, securing and maintaining business-promoting networks including backup-communication between e.g. Board Members, Executives, Management, decision-makers and third parties)

- Organizing, implementing and ensuring supportive sub-projects (e.g. Conferences, Exhibition participation, events)

- Ensure administrative workflows of project-related departments

- Ensuring the Communication Management with all project-related departments

- Establishment, protection and care of contacts with involved, leading institutions of the country (Ministries, Consulates, etc.)

- Organization, training and instruction of involved employees / teams to ensure the project progress (e.g. in regards to Office / Time Management, State-of-the-art client relation Care)

- Expansion and care of network members

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