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Reaching that extra mile more

Accompanying / additional Services

Further supportive services which can be arranged suitable to each project.:

- Project support (e.g. an accompanying Image Event)

- Safe-guarding that all important information reaches involved people / multidisciplinary departments and arrangements are always made with a view of the target (e.g. in compliance with deadlines / time management; close cooperation with external institutions (Ministries, Press / Media, etc. .)

- Contribute to the well-being of a client and his guests / business partners and/or an investor in terms of safety and state-of-the-art client relation (e.g. through special arrangements such as organizing confidential/secret meetings, close protection, confidential assistance etc.).

I am looking forward to hearing how a tailor made Project Concept for you shall look best. 

VIP-Services / VIP-Incentives

Special arrangements for VIP-Guests (e.g. as part of a trade show or event) and VIP-Incentives. In addition to the assurance of absolute secrecy, this service area has special requirements. These include e.g.:

- Creation of a travel and activity proposal with the guest (in individual case management) and / or the person in charge (in incentives)

- Bookings of all flights and hotels as well as events (e.g. wedding or birthday party, anniversary)

- Ensuring / control of the required documents (e.g. passport)

- Close cooperation with bodyguards (bodyguards male / female) and, if necessary, with the police in the respective destination country

- Arrangement of special occasions (e.g. participation Formula 1 and Amber Lounge; unique style of diamond jewelry by an exclusive partner, confidential meetings in tap-proof environment)

- Exclusive arrangements such as private diamond jewellery presentations, confidential assistance, etc.)

Please understand that due to obligation to confidentiality no pictures of clients / VIP guests will be published. Thank you for your understanding!

                                         Enjoy some little impressions of VIP-Arrangements!

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